The metaverse is false according to some personalities of the cryptographic world

In a recent podcast, British cryptocurrency journalist Peter McCormack said the whole metaverse thing was a farce and branded anyone who thinks otherwise as "idiots". “Junseth and I, we both talked about the fact that the metaverse doesn't exist. It's not even real, it's false, ”McCormack said. "The fact is, I've been talking to idiots on Clubhouse for the past few months who have told me that essentially the metaverse is a real thing." "And they told me things like: 'Not only is the metaverse real, but now we are in the metaverse." Significant time, money, and effort went into making virtual reality a reality, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg among his high-profile supporters. After Facebook's re-branding to Meta in October last year, Zuckerberg invested $ 60 million to ensure that his company retains the exclusive rights to the name. That's a lot of money to spend on a "fake" product name.

Zuckerberg's goal is not alone. Nvidia is among other high-profile companies working on the metaverse, while crypto projects are also involved including Decentraland and Sandbox. While Junseth and American HODL were happy to dismiss the metaverse as nonsense, American HODL was not so prepared to completely rule out simulation theory, the unlikely idea that we're all living in a computer simulation like Neo in the Matrix. According to the American HODL, the odds of this are around 20%. Guest colleague Junseth had some doubts. “I haven't really thought about it,” Junseth said. "I tend to think simulation theory is a nice way for atheists to say they believe in God," he added. Eventually McCormack attempted to bring the argument back to the metaverse to find out exactly what his fellow bitcoin maximalists believed and to ask himself if the metaverse might exist at some point in the future. "I'm more or less bullish on the idea of VR, AR, XR, mixed reality or whatever you want to call it, I'm bullish on that idea," said American HODL. "I think it's an interesting idea and I've been really bullish for a long time. I think human beings will naturally want to live in extended versions of their reality or mixed versions of their reality. "