Quantum computing, Italy accelerates research

Frontier technologies and computer applications on quantum science at the center of the agreement between the University of Trento, the Bruno Kessler Foundation and Atos. The project will have access to funding from Pnrr and Horizon Europe 20 Apr 2022 Veronica Balocco

The University of Trento, the Bruno Kessler Foundation and Atos Italia join forces in a mutual cooperation agreement for scientific research on quantum computing, with a joint and multi-year work that promises to investigate the results of new algorithms and computer architectures suitable for allow the technology, which is still frontier today, a wider and more rapid use in the industrial, public and social fields. The importance of the project is linked to the development prospects of quantum science, whose actual technological applications are still largely unexplored. Today it is estimated that a quantum computer can carry out complex elaborations in a few minutes for which a traditional computer takes weeks of time, with extreme accuracy and undoubted advantages in terms of efficiency, energy saving and safety. Based on this, it is now established that quantum computing will have revolutionary potential in the future on the IT and digital services market, with repercussions on the industrial sectors that will be able to use it, from medicine to logistics, up to energy and defense. Index of topics • Towards a specific course of study • Mission: quantum devices in the Italian production network • Technology with "disruptive effects" Towards a specific course of study According to the agreement, the groups of researchers and experts of the partner realities will collaborate within Q @ TN - Quantum at Trento, the laboratory on quantum sciences and technologies set up by the University of Trento in collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation, l 'National Institute of Nuclear Physics and the National Research Council, counting the project among those already under development within the center. The initiative will also be preparatory to the opening of a study course in Quantum Engineering, dedicated research doctorates and the promotion of ad hoc thesis projects among the teaching programs of the University of Trento, with a pioneering and leading academic commitment in Italy. Particular attention in the research work will be dedicated to the implications that quantum computing will have in the field of cybersecurity, an area of specialized competence of Atos in Italy and in the world and one of the sectors that will be most affected by advances in technology, potentially capable of to neutralize today's most secure and inaccessible data protection systems. "Q @ TN's mission is to strengthen the Trentino ecosystem in the quantum science and technology sector," said Lorenzo Pavesi, director of Q @ TN. "This agreement is a step in this direction because it will allow us to develop innovative research together with a large company with a view to transferring results into applications of industrial interest. In this way, we achieve the dual purpose of strengthening the national productive fabric and of training our students, innovation professionals, on problems with strong applicative interests ". Mission: quantum devices in the Italian production network "The Bruno Kessler Foundation - underlines the general secretary of Fbk Andrea Simoni - has always conducted research on cutting-edge photonic, optical, micromechanical and electronic devices that act as enabling technologies for innovation in fields such as space, biomedical, environmental and others. The second quantum revolution, which has just begun, will make it possible to study and create even more performing devices for these application sectors. The impact of this revolution is and will be disruptive: the challenge for the next 5-10 years is to bring quantum devices also to the Italian production network, through multidisciplinary research, oriented towards technology at the highest levels, with start-ups capable of transferring and implementing new technologies in the form of products ". Technology with "disruptive effects" "We are proud to put our experience in support of professionals from the world of universities and research for a job whose scope today we can only imagine", adds Giuseppe Di Franco, CEO of Atos Italia. "The success of quantum computing will have disruptive effects in all Italian industrial sectors and represents the greatest frontier technology for the benefit of a fully sustainable, safe and efficient digital transition. Enhancing research in the sector means investing concretely in the future of the country's and Europe's strategic and digital sovereignty, guaranteeing our production districts and businesses to remain competitive therein in an international economic and technological scenario that in the coming decades will be strongly driven by quantum innovation ". Also by virtue of the particular catalyst role of the Q @ TN laboratory, the research project in the coming months will be able to access the funds of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and will participate in the Community funding calls for Horizon Europe and DigitalEurope.

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