Quantum computing, Capgemini launches the Q-Lab. Alliance with IBM on industrial applications

The consulting firm creates an international group of quantum technology experts to develop new skills and coordinate internal research structures. Cto Massimo Ippoliti: "The best skills on the market in the field"

12 Jan 2022

Developing skills on quantum computing and coordinating research structures focused on the potential of this technology: these are the objectives of Capgemini with the creation of the new Quantum Lab and an international team of experts on quantum technology. The consulting company also sets up a collaboration with IBM that aims to help customers achieve and maximize their engagement in the field of quantum computing: an initiative that goes alongside those already active on Quantum Communication and Quantum Sensing. . Capgemini's Quantum Lab (Q-Lab), reads a note from the company, can count on quantum technology experts and highly specialized structures in the United Kingdom, Portugal and India: it will coordinate research programs to develop solutions aimed at Life Sciences, Financial Services, Automotive and Aerospace, and will lead the first experiments with customers by facilitating the development of skills and capabilities in-house. All this relies on the experience of the specialized teams within Capgemini, which have already had the opportunity to develop scientific and technological skills in the quantum field thanks to early experimentation and incubation with customers. The company has also started a partnership with IBM to become an IBM Quantum Hub, thus providing its customers with access to IBM's quantum computing systems, including the 127 qbit "Eagle" processor and Qiskit, the kit IBM's open-source quantum information software development. Thanks to this collaboration, Capgemini also joins the more than 170 companies that make up the IBM Quantum Network. Thanks to this agreement, the release continues - Capgemini will allow its customers to access IBM's licensed technology more easily and will offer them professional services for end-to-end implementation, with the aim of demonstrating, through prototypes and proofs of concept, the potential value that can arise from the use of quantum technologies to tackle hitherto unsolvable business problems, implementing the use cases of quantum computing. "Quantum technology will radically change the way we calculate, process and communicate, paving the way for new sectors and business models - says Massimo Ippoliti, Chief technology & innovation officer of Capgemini in Italy - The launch of our Q-Lab demonstrates tangible way our ambition: to offer customers the most innovative and revolutionary solutions and promptly invest in skills, in order to become the leading integrator of quantum systems. The collaboration with IBM will allow us to explore the vast potential of quantum computing, offering our customers the best resources and skills available on today's and tomorrow's market ”. "The development of a quantum industry will require a great deal of attention to expanding the quantum computing ecosystem in all public and private sectors, a task that IBM cannot do alone - adds Jay Gambetta, Ibm Fellow and VP, Quantum Computing by Ibm - The collaboration with Capgemini allows us to offer customers an even greater range of practical skills to develop proof of concepts and explore the potential of quantum computing in multiple sectors and disciplines ”.