END OF ENCRYPTION FORESEEN FOR YEARS We read in the book MATHEMATICS SPIES AND COMPUTER PIRATES from the MONDO MATEMATICO collection a book written in 2008 that already reported the FORECASTS OF ILLUSTRIOUS MATHEMATICS that, with the advent of quantum computers, cryptography would die, including the famous ASYMMETRIC OR RSA CRYPTOGRAPHY, and all would be revealed. The book intended for a large audience tries to explain difficult concepts clearly but it remains difficult all the same. We report chapters 5 and 6 who are enthusiastic about the final solution, the RSA public and private key algorithm and how, with quantum computers, this algorithm is also in a tight suit. CHAPTER5_1 CHAPTER5_2 CHAPTER 6_1 END OF ENCRYPTION How can you read the END OF ENCRYPTING article? in 2022 THERE ARE ALREADY QUANTUM COMPUTERS THAT VIOLATE ANY EXISTING CRYPTOGRAPHY. There was only to wait for the hardware to reach the expected performance. TODAY WE ARE THERE. BUT…. END OF ENCRYPTION There is our CRIPTEOS 3001 cryptographic system and REAL DIGITAL CURRENCY digital money system. developed in our secret laboratories, which ARE ABSOLUTELY INVIOLABLE EVEN BY THE MOST POWERFUL QUANTUM COMPUTERS. END OF ENCRYPTION I'm sorry for all the vendors who tell of presumed valid solutions, this quantum computer is the discriminator between who wins and who loses.