Let's read this interesting article: Still records for quantum computers China presents two Q-computers that would surpass the performance achieved so far by US competitors Adriano DE ROSA November 2, 2021

The production of quantum computers is an increasingly frequent reality in the most advanced countries of the world. It marks the beginning of the umpteenth transition of our time, driven by the transformation of a theoretical idea into a concrete technology. Quantum supremacy is the real driving force of this process and the data related to it, nothing short of amazing, are pushing research in this area to improve the results previously achieved almost daily. As if they were modern followers of a neo-nascent futurist movement, magnetically attracted by the concept of speed, the United States and China are the countries that are achieving the best results globally. This time it is the Asian country that draws the attention of enthusiasts, with the presentation of two quantum computers that would surpass (the conditional is a must when it comes to China) the performance achieved so far by US competitors. In just one millisecond Jiuzhang 2 promises to solve the same task that the fastest conventional computer in the world would take 30 trillion years for. Even more impressive - if you weren't yet - is the result of Zuchongzhi 2, a 66-qubit quantum supercomputer, 10 million times faster than Google's 55-qubit Sycamore quantum computer. What should we expect about the commercialization of these miraculous devices? As was the case with the first computers, even the Q-computers will remain locked up in research institutes for some time. At the moment, in fact, they can only operate at controlled temperatures and to perform hyper-specialized tasks. Experiments are underway for calculation operations in the context of the study of genetic mutations, the simulation of hypersonic flights and the prediction of the share price. The rapid growth that the sector is experiencing, together with the broadening of the application spectrum, portends a crucial role for quantum computers in designing the society of the future. The transition underway will soon take on the contours of a technological revolution, which will become even more appreciable when the Q-computers, like the computer ancestors, manage to become within everyone's reach.


EASY to understand that the first task of these quantum computers is the breach of encrypted keys with brute force attacks. The collapse predictions of asymmetric cryptography are being realized. It would seem the final victory of cryptanalysts against cryptographers, only the CRIPTEOS 3001 system laughs in the face of such results, 30 trillion years are only 18 zeros to remove from the immense number needed to force CRIPTEOS 3001 with keys of 128 KILOBYTE. The REAL DIGITAL CURRENCY is protected even more with keys of 40 MEGABYTE. We keep in mind that they were made with "normal" computers, while they are scalable with keys longer than a TERABYTE. We will respond to acts of war with acts of war ... ..