Dear Experts,

I have been a cryptographic developer for 12 years and I think I have achieved excellent results. Unfortunately, I found very few collaborators who could support me in development, as I wrote in the article published in the Sole 24 Ore on October 25 and which I am attaching here, where my story is followed in its main vein, entitled FROM ENGINEERING TO CRYPTOGRAPHY AND ... .. I had to make do with graphics, marketing, web development practically by myself, since I had to cut out the expenses from my family budget, I tried to make start-ups but tax constraints, the last of which was given by the Quota100 law that I prevented me from working, they led me to a period of reflection, I made more than 20 Italian patents and wrote some books. In the OTHER INFO document I describe the software generated after attending an excellent course held by a very good ETHICAL HACKER. But the core business of my business is cryptography, which sees me as the only creator of algorithms in which all vendors use the algorithms on the market. In the article END OF ENCRYPTING? I reveal that the brute force attacks of quantum computers will reveal all existing cryptographic systems while tickling us ... With cryptography I have also created a digital currency that is NOT based on BLOCK-CHAIN and therefore has ZERO energy costs, faced with the problems of COP 26 and the enormous energy costs of BITCOIN. My main proposals are described in the sites www.technosolution.otg regarding cyber-security and regarding the possibility of a digital currency.