Cybersecurity, the National Agency on the hunt for 50 ICT experts

Open positions range from certification and inspection professionals to hardware and telecommunications technicians through to profiles dedicated to cryptography activities. Baldoni at a hearing at Copasir to report on the lines of action to deal with the Ukrainian crisis 10 Mar 2022 Domenico Aliperto The National Cybersecurity Agency (Acn) has launched a first public selection aimed at the permanent recruitment of 50 graduates with experience and knowledge in six distinct ICT sectors. Index of topics • The open positions and the requirements to apply • The Agency's policy in response to the Ukrainian crisis Open positions and the requirements to apply More specifically, the open positions concern 15 experts in certification and inspection, four experts in industrial, technological and research programs, ten experts as hardware technicians and telecommunications technicians, three cryptographic technicians, 15 software technicians and three cybersecurity experts.

"Joining ACN means putting one's talent and skills at the service of the general interest by participating in a mission that is vital for maintaining the economic prosperity and security of the country within the digital transformation process" , explains the Agency in a note. Candidates must have a Master's / Specialist degree, with a minimum grade of 105/110 in: telecommunications engineering; electronic Engineering; computer engineering; Automation engineering; informatics; IT security; mathematics; physics; management engineering. Work experience of at least two years is also required for all profiles (except for that of a Cybersecurity expert). The announcement for the first selection, where it is specified that the winners of the competition will work in Rome, expires on 25 March.

The Agency's policy in response to the Ukrainian crisis The new resources will include a series of initiatives aimed at strengthening the work of the agency, currently under pressure from the Ukrainian crisis. Yesterday the director of the institution, Roberto Baldoni, during a hearing at Copasir, illustrated, with reference to the ongoing conflict, "the activities carried out through two different levels of intervention, the Nucleo for cyber security and the Csirt ( the response team in case of accidents) highlighting the time frame of the actions taken and their effectiveness ". This was made known by the president of Copasir Adolfo Urso. “The topic of potential risk factors correlated with the ongoing conflict and the possible countermeasures that public and private subjects, in particular those included in the National Cyber Security Perimeter, can adopt to mitigate its possible effects were then discussed. In this regard, a comparison was also made with the initiatives implemented by the other countries of the European Union ". Urso reported that "the use in the technological landscape of our country of products, mainly software, made by Russian companies and any critical elements was also examined. The Committee had the opportunity to investigate which, among the projects already planned by the ACN, have registered an acceleration precisely because of the changed conditions caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Finally, an updated picture of the activation status of the various functions of the Agency and the possible ways to accelerate this process was outlined, precisely in consideration of the even greater sensitivity assumed by the protection and resilience of the country in the cyberspace. The Committee has, therefore, acquired other significant elements of evaluation on any legislative changes that can improve the resilience of the country and in general the fight against any type of cybernetic attack ".

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