Blockchain, AI and IoT, here's how to apply for 45 million incentives

July 5, 2022 Innovation Post 24 Views 0 Comments blockchain, incentives, artificial intelligence, iot, mise

After almost four years, the fund provided for by the 2019 budget law for the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things technologies and applications finally becomes operational in September. In fact, the decree was published, signed last June 24 by the Director General of the Ministry of Economic Development Giuseppe Bronzino, which announces the methods and terms of submission of applications to request the funding provided by the Fund established at the Mise with an initial allocation of 45 million euros. Starting from 21 September 2022, public or private companies and research centres, also jointly with each other, will be able to request facilities to carry out research and technological innovation projects linked to the Transition 4.0 programme. To facilitate the preparation of the application, a pre-compilation phase has also been provided for from 14 September, which will allow the insertion of documentation on the online platform to start. The total resources available, which include the costs related to the performance of the implementation activities, amount to 45 million divided as follows: • €25 million for projects to foster the development of artificial intelligence; • 10 million euros for projects aimed at promoting the development of Blockchain technology; • €10 million for projects to develop Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Index of topics • Beneficiaries and projects admitted • The decree Beneficiaries and projects admitted They can benefit from the facilities

(a) undertakings engaged in an industrial activity aimed at the production of goods or services or a transport activity by land, water or air; b. agro-industrial enterprises that mainly carry out industrial activities; (c) undertakings carrying out ancillary activities for the benefit of the undertakings referred to in points (a) and (b); d. Research Centres. Large enterprises are eligible for the facilities only within the framework of a project involving effective cooperation with the beneficiary SMEs. The fund will facilitate eligible expenses and costs of not less than 500 thousand euros and not more than 2 million euros in the following priority strategic sectors: • industry and manufacturing • education system • agri-food • health • environment and infrastructure • culture and tourism • logistics and mobility • security and information technology • aerospace The projects eligible for the facilities must include the implementation of "industrial research", "experimental development", "innovation of the organization" and "process innovation" activities, aimed at supporting and developing technologies and applications of artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things. To monitor the state of implementation of the development, application and technology transfer projects to companies, the MoED will make use of the support of Infratel which will carry out the preliminary assessments and provide the incentive. At this address you can download the forms, below is the text of the implementing decree. The decree

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