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Microsoft pushes hard on AI, all the news for Bing and Edge

Microsoft has unveiled several innovations for the future of Bing and Edge, all obviously based on the use of artificial intelligence, which is used to introduce many features that allow you to improve the web browsing and search experience with new ways to complete activities, visual updates and much more.

The most interesting news is that the Bing chat is now open to everyone: no more waiting list, anyone can use Bing with AI immediately for their own searches, or to explore the conversation skills of the Microsoft chatbot. Another very interesting novelty is the introduction of visual research: according to many researches the human brain processes visual information 60 thousand times faster than texts, This is why Microsoft decided to introduce the possibility of receiving richer and more visual answers, including graphs and diagrams, as well as an updated formatting of responses, so as to help users find information more easily.

Bing Chat will also support visual search, so you can upload images and search for related content. Also new for Image Creator, the tool that allows you to create images can now be used in all languages supported by Bing (including Italian), no longer only in English.

Microsoft Edge will instead receive a new design, with an improved interface, more elegant, with rounded shapes and semi-transparent visual elements, as well as new organized sections. Also about the search, a chat history will be introduced to resume the discussion with the chatbot from where you left it, also in the coming weeks will be added export and sharing options. The Edge-integrated chat will then have a better ability to synthesize long documents, not limited to websites but also including PDF documents. Finally, in the browser will be introduced the Edge actions feature, which will allow users to rely on AI to carry out many tasks in just a few steps.

by Marco Pedrani |

Thursday 4 May 2023 12:50

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