GenerativeShield, an intermediary between user and risks of Ai

The Italian S2E has started to propose a saas platform that intends to act on the complexity of adoption and the dangers on the data evoked by generative artificial intelligence.

Posted on 05 May 2023 by Roberto Bonino

 The privacy authority has recently allowed the use of ChatGpt in Italy, after blocking the application of OpenAi for alleged transparency problems on the use of data collected on users. But now the die is cast and, at least in part, private citizens and businesses look more suspicious to the platform of generative artificial intelligence that has catalyzed the attention in this first part of 2023.

The Italian S2E has taken the leap to propose its GenerativeShield solution, a saas platform that acts as an intermediary between users and the latest technologies of Ai: "For several years we have been using artificial intelligence with integration tools or developing custom solutions for specific cases," says Andrea Cappelletti, business unit director digital transformation & hyperautomation at S2E. "We found that there is a strong desire to exploit new opportunities, but the provision of the guarantor has highlighted how we need to think about how to keep under control especially sensitive data, whether it is internal documentation or personal information".

Through special "smart filters", GenerativeShield reduces the risk of disclosure, notifying the user of the presence of sensitive data within the prompts and giving the company control over how this data should be blocked or allowing the user to approve the sharing with artificial intelligence services in Europe and worldwide. In practice, the platform forces users to switch from their technological links to be able to use services such as OpenAi (Gpt3.5 and 4), Aleph Alpha, Ai21 Labs and Cohere, leaving the company to decide which to use consciously, depending on the compliance and confidentiality requirements adopted, in relation to the terms of service and privacy policies of the chosen generative Ai services.

Andrea Cappelletti, business unit director digital transformation & hyperautomation of S2E

The platform is managed in Europe and therefore offers guarantees of compliance with the GDPR and is already open to the inclusion of new technologies, such as Google Bard and Aws titan: "For the moment we work with third-party providers, but the next step will be to use the expertise of fine tuning and the Ai foundation models to intervene in the proprietary environments of companies and create specific customizations for individual subjects or industries", predicts Cappelletti.

S2E (which stands for Solutions to Enterprises) is a company born about fifteen years ago, completely Italian (with headquarters in Milan) and with a staff of about 350 employees. Born as a pure consulting company, the company has evolved towards offering services and products in areas such as data analysis, infrastructure, service desk and cybersecurity. Among the areas of specialization, stand out the Ai-based proposals for the financial sector (investment support and solution construction) and a product such as Gaia aimed at pharmacy chains with problems of store replenishment.

Conversational and generative artificial intelligence represents the advanced front of expertise proposed to the market: "We want to push on the development of solutions for specific areas where we are already present, such as telco and energy, in addition to those already mentioned. But we are also focused on everything related to compliance, being able to offer our advice in a delicate and changing context", concludes Cappelletti.

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