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The Chinese government has decided to launch against the AI with strict rules against chatbots: the Great Firewall arrives.


The Cyberspace Administration of China has clear ideas: the Great Firewall of China must also surround artificial intelligence. In the wake of Alibaba’s launch of ChatGPT’s rival AI, China’s leading digital regulator has proposed new stringent guidelines to ban large language models from generating content that could "subvert state power or support the overthrow of the country’s political system".

China versus AI chatbot: danger to the government?

As reported by Gizmodo, the Party will require all AI developers operating on the territory of the Dragon to submit their products to a security review by the government, so that the system can be released to the public with an official certificate. In addition, chatbots are required to verify users' identities and that their creators guarantee real, ergo not invented outputs, and that they do not discriminate against races, ethnicities, countries, genres or regions of origin of users.

The objective of the Chinese government is to impose strict measures in line with current policies of moderation of discourse on social media. To be precise, the draft of the document reads:

"The content generated by generative artificial intelligence should reflect the fundamental values of socialism and should not contain subversion of state power, overthrow of the socialist system, incitement to divide the country, undermine national unity, promote terrorism, extremism and promote ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination, violence, obscene and pornographic information, false information and content that can disrupt the economic and social order."

Yaqiu Wang, senior researcher at Human Rights Watch, confirmed to the US portal that these strict rules were "totally provided" but, even without them, Chinese officials could still effectively punish companies for disseminating content deemed critical of the political system. The written rules, therefore, are a simplification of the same punishment on the administrative front: "If you operate in the Chinese system, you know there are things you cannot talk about," Wang concluded.

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Source:   Inizio modulo

Source: Gizmodo

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