ChatGPT will board General Motors cars

The US car manufacturer has big plans for a voice interface chatbot technology, which will be integrated with Microsoft’s cloud.

Posted on 13 March 2023 by Redazione

 ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence is also preparing to colonize the automotive world. General Motors (GM) is exploring the use of voice interface chatbots within the ongoing collaboration with Microsoft, as unveiled by the Semafor website and later confirmed to Reuters by Scott Miller, vice president of the car manufacturer.

"ChatGPT will be everywhere," said Miller, echoing Satya Nadella’s long-standing promise about the future ubiquity of artificial intelligence in Microsoft’s offering. Today, thanks to its investment in OpenAI, the Redmond-based company is bringing generative artificial intelligence models and the most famous chatbot of the moment into several of its products and services, including Azure, Bing and Dynamics 365.

In the future, on Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC cars manufactured by General Motors you can turn to a chatbot that will respond to voice commands in a much more sophisticated way than they do, already today, virtual assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant. Chatbot powered by OpenAI technology will integrate with Azure cloud services.

To do what? For example, to give answers on the operation of the car (answers that normally should be searched in a driving manual), to help us replace a flat tire (maybe playing a video tutorial on the infotainment system screen)or to unlock the opening of a garage, to make an appointment with the mechanic or to remind us of appointments in the diary. GM assures that future cars will be "much more skillful and overall innovative on emerging technologies".

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