ChatGPT lock: petition to restore access

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Un gruppo di accademici e imprenditori ha lanciato una petizione per chiedere di ripristinare l'accesso a ChatGPT, bloccato all'inizio del mese.


After those received by IGF Italia and Matteo Salvini, other criticisms of the provision of the Data Protection Authority came from a group of academics and entrepreneurs through an online petition on, launched by Marco Trombetti of Translated. The collective request to the authority is to allow access to ChatGPT again.

Restore ChatGPT and update AI rules

This is the title of the petition launched by Marco Trombetti and also signed by Riccardo Donadon (H-Farm), Paola Bonomo (Italian Angels for Growth), Massimiliano Magrini (United Ventures), Luciano Pietronero (Centro Ricerche Enrico Fermi), Paolo Traverso (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)Paolo Merialdo (University of Roma Tre), Gianluca Dettori (Primo Ventures), Paolo Cellini (Luiss), Gianmarco Carnovale (RomaStartup), Luigi Capello (lventure) and Peter Kruger (Startupcamp bootfoodtech).

The group of academics and entrepreneurs points out that the action of the Garante has created serious damage to Italian citizens, professionals and businesses. The authority "thought we could afford to keep ChatGPT out of Italy, not considering that by doing so we are simply keeping Italy out of the rest of the world".

The Guarantor has blocked the processing of data by OpenAI. The Californian company therefore decided to block access to the service from Italy. Petitioners are asking the DPA and OpenAI to find a solution that will allow them to access ChatGPT again. This is the final objective of the ongoing discussions between the parties.

Italian Government and Parliament should urge the European Union to update the GDPR to consider the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence. The signatories hope that the proposal called the AI Act will provide new legal bases compatible with research and development in the field of generative AI.

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