Amazon assures everyone: we haven’t fallen behind with AI

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Amazon ha assicurato i suoi dipendenti e sviluppatori che l'azienda non è rimasta indietro nello sviluppo delle IA: ecco le ultime novità.


Amazon may be behind in AI development, but it isn’t. To secure the public, ergo the investors and even the employees themselves, it’s the staff of the e-commerce and cloud computing giant, which assured with new statements that investment in the industry is increasing and that, thanks to Amazon Web Services, artificial intelligence will become a focal point for the company.

Amazon pushes on AI

The tech giant has been clear since generative AI exploded on the scene. This is confirmed by Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of the database, analysis and machine learning division of Amazon:

"Many things are happening in the industry. We have a lot coming up and I am very excited to share some of our plans for the future. If you look at our track record of how we’ve innovated in machine learning, we’ve really paved the way for the adoption of machine learning between companies and traditional customers. We are excited to do the same in this space because it is rapidly evolving. We will listen to customers and examine which areas really need help and how to make them succeed in this space."

Despite a first absence in the mix of companies interested in the evolution of AI, namely OpenAI, Microsoft and Google, Amazon now pushes into the industry with targeted partnerships.

For example, AWS has announced collaborations with artificial intelligence companies such as Stability AI and Hugging Face, which will allow other companies to use Amazon’s infrastructure to create advanced AI products. With their support, the development of technology will finally lead to the goal desired by hundreds of thousands of customers: a chatbot that supports the commercial realities related to Web Services in the customization of the user experience for employees and consumers, maybe automating certain activities.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said the company has a strategy for generative AI, but you have to be pragmatic. Before advertising or focusing on experiments, you need a clear market strategy. Once planned, the road will be downhill.

Fonte: Washington Post

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